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LaserPecker LP2: Portable and Handleable Laser Engraver

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Feiern Sie den Internationalen Frauentag mit Kreativität und Ersparnissen!

Super Fast Engraving: LaserPecker LP2 Laser Engraver with the advanced galvanometer technology makes this machine run super faster. 600mm/s max engraving speed, frame/graphic preview speed up to 3750mm/s.

Finer Details: Compressed spot as tiny as 0.05 * 0.05mm, up to 2K high resolution creates more details to make your artwork more vivid.

Broad Application: LP2 can engrave on common materials like paper, cardboard, wood, leather, acrylic, anodized/coated aluminum, 304 stainless steel, etc.

Easy To Use: No complicated assembly is required, allowing you to get started faster. Set up in seconds and start your handcraft projects. It works with Smartphone/PC software.

More Safe: With blue light filter protection cover and goggles, double protection reduces blue light damage to the eyes. Automatically stops in case of vibration, tilting, and over temperature.
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Regular price €711,00
Sale price €711,00 Regular price €949,00

Verschiedene Materialien, verblüffende Effekte

Vielseitige Rotationswalze

Mehr Modi, größere Flächen

*Der Rotationswalze-Set für LP2 enthält: Rotationswalze, Magnetschieber, C-förmige Halterung und USB-Kabel.

360° zylindrische Rotationsgravur

LaserPecker LP2 ist in der Lage, 360° rotierende Gravuren auf zylindrischen Objekten zu machen.

Maximal 100 x 2000 mm Gravurfläche

Die maximale Gravurgröße ist auf 100 x 2000 mm vergrößert, und ermöglicht Ihnen, alles bis zu zwei Metern lang mühelos zu gravieren.

Praktische Vorschaufunktion



Auf das Detail kommt es an

Kompakt & Tragbar

Klein, aber leistungsstark. Leicht zu verstauen und zu tragen.

Steuerung per Elektroständer

Einfache Fokussierung. Drücken Sie nach oben / unten, um die Höhen anzupassen.

Steuerung per Elektroständer

Einfache Fokussierung. Drücken Sie nach oben / unten, um die Höhen anzupassen.

Wiederaufladbare Powerbank

Keine Einschränkungen mehr. Gravieren Sie immer und überall.


Stellen Sie den Winkel des Laserkopfes so ein, dass Sie auf allen abgeschrägten Materialien gravieren können.


Stellen Sie den Winkel des Laserkopfes so ein, dass Sie auf allen abgeschrägten Materialien gravieren können.

Einfache und leistungsstarke Anwendung

Einfache und leistungsstarke Anwendung

Reiche Funktionen

画板 1 拷贝 5.jpg__PID:3addb8f9-b474-435a-813a-cd80a4b733b6L2手机端四种模式.jpg__PID:c5c5364c-e49c-4b66-b0eb-8e7ccbb6aab1


Leistung5 W
Laser-Typ450nm NICHIA Diodenlaser (neueste Compressed Spot Technologie)
Gravur-Geschwindigkeit6mm/s - 600mm/s
Gravurbereich100 x 100 mm (Standard)
100 x 2000 mm (mit Rotationswalze)
Vorschau-ModusQuadratische Vorschau + Grafische Vorschau
Vorschau-Geschwindigkeit3750 mm/s
DateiformateJPG, SVG, PNG, G-code, DXF, und mehr
Drahtlose ÜbertragungHochgeschwindigkeits-Bluetooth 5.0
BetriebssystemHandy: Android & IOS
PC: Windows und Mac OS
Eingangspannung12V 5A | 100-240V | 50-60Hz

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Great portable laser etcher for custom gifts and promo stuff

I've had it for a little over a year now and it's got some great features. I've used it on wood, cork (coasters), even some metal projects. The metal only really works if it has a coating over it that you etch away to reveal the metal underneath, that's the only downside on that. It's just not a powerful enough laser for really etching into the metal. I used it on coated tumblers with stainless steel under and it worked great, just make sure you use the roller with the tumbler otherwise the sides of your image may not work. All the other materials I've used it on work great though.

It's pretty fast and I love how portable it is. I'd say it's great for small hobby projects and customized gifts. It's also really easy to use. Just open a photo inside the app and it will automatically trace it and let you change a few parameters to make sure it's what you want before you start the laser. I also like the laser preview box it can do to show you the area your image is going to cover.

Overall, a great product.

This is a very convenient, practical and fun tool to have.

This is a very convenient, practical and fun tool to have.
It is easy to set up, the app is easy to follow.
Being able to engrave on many different items is great for identification and also to just make things pretty.
You have options for the depth of the engraving, the resolution and also how many passes that you go over.

Excellent First Machine

Absolutely love my LaserPecker 2. I’ve had it for a few days and found it an absolute joy to use. Plenty of people can tell you the limitations of the machine, but if you’re new to laser engraving this is an awesome unit to learn with.

-The app is easy to use.
-The speed is amazing
-the small size makes it easy to use anywhere
-The price is a bargain for what it can do

I’m hooked and I can’t wait to keep experimenting and learning. Definitely recommend if you’re getting into crafting


Overall works great, still trying on other materials, will update progress

Super Easy and Portable Engraver

What fun! This engraver is fantastic. Great for engraving wood, anodized business cards, tins, leather, paper, cardboard, cork coasters, etch glass, anodized dog tags and more. It can also cut wood and other materials. Best of all, with just a few videos from LaserPecker, you can get started fast with your own creations. Software for the Android and iPhone make it easy to connect via Bluetooth. The software has some built-in designs or you can import your own logos, designs and photos (as I did). The LaserPecker 2 can engrave items up to 4 x 4 inches (100mm x 100mm). BUT, if you get the roller attachment, the length can be much more as it follows the path and engraves. The roller also allows you to engrave round items such as glasses, tumblers, pens, or anything round. I've had mine for just about a month and the photos show some of my results. Support from other users on Facebook and videos on YouTube. As you can see, there are lots of things you can do with the LaserPecker 2. I am SO VERY HAPPY that I bought this. You can have a lot of fun too. (If you need to engrave metal you'll need the LP3.) The best thing is this is easy to move around. It doesn't take up a lot of space and it's easy to carry around and setup. Overall, this is an excellent product. I highly recommend the LaserPecker 2.