Scam Alerts

Warning of scam websites and FAQs

Warnung und FAQs

Why should I buy directly from LaserPecker when other sites offer the same products for 100 USD or less?

These sites or advertisements are scams. They steal and use LaserPecker videos, photos, and other promotional materials, lure their victims with ridiculously low prices, and in return, they either send cheap toylike “etching pens” or nothing at all.

DO NOT order from these scam websites and please report them to us ASAP.

How can I report a scam website or social media ad?

Please send an email to with the URL any suspected scams websites and/or where you saw a suspicious ad or promotion.

Who is the authorized distributor?

Every authorized distributor will sign the authorization agreement with LaserPecker. And you can check with seller if they have that documents. And if you worry about the truth of the documents, you can send an email to our distribution department "" for verification.

Where can I buy an authentic LaserPecker product?

Below is a list of all the legitimate LP purchase options.

Official Websites of LaserPeceker:

Direct-sale Online Stores including:
All Amazon Marketplace LaserPeceker Stores
LaserPecker AliExpress
Authorization LaserPecker Dealers and Distributer with stamped proof of certification from Shenzhen Hingin Tech Co., Ltd. For confirmation of Authorized Dealers or Distributers, please feel free to contact us via

What should I do if I already got scammed?

First, please know that we here at LP are very sorry that this happened. It is a shame that people use their time and energy for doing bad and not good.

We suggest that you immediately submit a refund request to your credit card company, PayPal, and/or the platform from which the purchase attempt was made. Make sure to include a detailed account of the scam along with any pictures or screenshots if possible. Please let us know if we can provide any available supporting documentation to help validate your claim.

List of Known Scam Websites

Due to the frequency of new scam websites, this is not a complete list. Please let us know if you have any information about a site that is not listed here.

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