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LaserPecker PowerPack Plus

€238,50 - €265,50
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  • Tragbares Design: Leichtes und reisefreundliches Design, perfekt für mobile DIY Bedürfnisse unterwegs.
  • Unglaubliche Kompatibilität: Schalten Sie alle LaserPecker-Gravierer und -Zubehörteile sowie Mobiltelefone, Tablets und andere mobile Geräte ein.
  • Außergewöhnliche Kapazität: Verfügt über eine leistungsstarke Akkukapazität von 23.550 mAh (5V3A) mit 12 Akkumodulen, die eine langanhaltende Aufladung verschiedener Mobilgeräte ermöglicht, bis zu drei Stunden Betriebszeit auf LP4.
  • Schnellladung: Eine unschlagbare Schnellladetechnologie, um Zeit zu sparen und dringende Anforderungen zu erfüllen. Ermöglicht schnelles Laden mit DC-, PD- und QC-Vollprotokoll TYPE-C 100 W Schnellladen.
  • Mehrere Ausgangsanschlüsse: Ausgestattet mit DC-, USB-A- und Typ-C-Ausgangsanschlüssen laden Sie zwei Geräte gleichzeitig auf.
Option: PowerPack Plus
Normaler Preis €238,50
Verkaufspreis €238,50 Normaler Preis €265,00
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LaserPecker Powerpack Plus
Normaler Preis €238,50
Verkaufspreis €238,50 Normaler Preis €265,00

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Compact and full of juice!

The battery is surprisingly compact compared to others that I have for the capacity, and is very easy to store in almost any backpack or bag. It’s about the size of an IPhone 15 pro max in height and width etc, just square of course. Easy to charge with usbc and to discharge as well. Others complaining about price I feel are misguided. The other battery I got some time ago was about the same price but was a greater capacity and had more ports but was much larger, didn’t support usb c, and I’m pretty sure was nickel iron instead of lithium ion like this is. This is a high end battery and looks like one was well. Well designed and works to charge anything usbc will. I think for the price is is more than fair. I would strongly recommend it as a backup to carry with you to class or school or even to work. For I work remote and have class, sometime forgetting to charge my devices. But, with this charged at least, I’m able to charge all my devices and keep them such for hours. And the compact nature of it is a major reason for me.

C. Vargas
Quality battery pack, albeit a bit pricey

Everything from the carrying pouch to the build quality and chamfered edges on the battery unit itself you definitely feel like you're getting your money's worth, though it is on the pricey side. That said, Laser Pecker could have made the battery pack only compatible with their own machines, but they didn't. The inclusion of a USB-C and USB-A ports vastly extends its usefulness. Besides the obvious of being able to use a LaserPecker laser cutter/engraver out in the field or say a makers faire. I could see this being very handy while camping or hiking as it's very compact and not very heavy, plus comes with an included shoulder strap.

Being a lithium battery it does come with some stringent directions about charging to prolong its lifespan. Stating under the maintenance section of the manual that you should "charge and discharge it at least every 3 months to keep the battery active." Draining the battery to 30% and then back up to 85% similar to an electric vehicle's battery.

Good battery with some quirks

This battery is REALLY for their laser engravers that were named after a woodpecker. So ok, it makes sense and is also kinda funny. My friends love the name because it certainly gives you a visual. Have you ever seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and the guy called Taser Face? I had to really do some digging on this one and happy I got to understand why they named it that. I'll give them're not gonna forget it lol.

-Holds a LOT of power.
-Comes with an excellent case.
-Provides very stable power from USB.
-Can switch between 12v and 24v.
-Very nice visual design.
-Has an on button

-No screen. This battery can do so much, it could really benefit from a screen showing input/output.
-It's big and heavy, and at 30,0000mAh could be smaller. But I like how big and powerful it is.
-Only came with a solar panel cable.
-Often had to turn it on to start charging. And you need to provide your own charger plug.
-There is no off button. It shuts off after 20 seconds of detecting no power draw. To turn on any device connected to it you must press the button again.

Immense level of power banking

So this product isn't exactly meant for "normal" power backup use. It's actually meant for laser engravers. I, however, don't have a laser engraver, so I'm using it for "alternative" purposes. It's not at all portable - it simply weighs too much to put in a backpack and take with me, but during a recent power outage, I was able to use it to power a handheld gaming console and a Surface for an absurdly long period of time, and could have gone much longer.

I think of this as more of a UPS than a charger. To that end, this thing is a miracle.

Nathan Christie
Worked very well! Power for days!

I'm not going to lie to you, person who I've never met before, I honestly didn't think this thing was going to work that well. These things never seem to hold as much charge as they say, they never seem to charge your device fast enough. Dude, I was wrong! This thing held way more charge than I'd expected, to the tune of barely having to recharge it while we were on the trip! And the, the fact that it didn't just charge her phone quickly (it always seems to go fast), but ramped up my iPad really quickly too - that thing never seems to charge well unless it's on an outlet. Yep, good purchase. I'm taking this on all my business trips. When not traveling I used it for my engraver and it worked really well and let me work in a more comfortable area, not attached to the wall. This thing is amazing with how much power it holds.